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Oral Health

We have a passion for prevention and take a natural and holistic approach to care, so if you’re looking to achieve optimal wellness, we are here to help. No ONE person will know exactly what YOU need to improve your overall health. But, together, WE will help you live optimally!

Dental Hygiene

Tiffany Ludwicki graduated from Dalhousie with many awards such as Greatest Proficiency in Clinical Dental Hygiene, Highest overall standing in the Laboratory of Head and Neck Anatomy and Second Highest Overall Standing in Academics. With her 10 year background in the field of gum disease and a passion towards oral health for overall health she brings undisputed awareness and skill to her mission of optimal living through collaboration.

Tiffany currently holds the position of President of the Canadian Dental hygienist Association, and mentors her provincial Association since her presidency in 2015-16. She is registered/licensed with the NLCHP and follows the scope of practice outlined by the NLCDH for dental hygiene services she provides.


Tiffany Ludwicki has a passion for improving peoples overall wellbeing by focusing on therapies to improve peoples energy and mental health. Tiffany is the only myofunctional therapist with a background in oral health in Newfoundland and is an advocate for the profession. She is actively making collaborations to connect medical and dental professionals for a holistic approach to care. She is a registered Naturotherapist and follows the code of ethics and bylaws outlined by the ACNN.

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Teeth Cleaning

Our Dental Hygienists take a natural and holistic approach to your dental hygiene care.

You don’t just get a “Cleaning”, you get an experience which involves health promotion, disease prevention and chronic illness maintenance.

Teeth Whitening

Beauty begins from within, but who doesn’t love a little extra support?Whiten your smile, reduce the signs of aging and enhance your natural radiance.

Myofunctional Therapy Assessment

Myofunctional therapy is a neurological process that is completed by a naturotherapist and involves retraining your brain and face muscles to work optimally.