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Angie Antolinez, Laser Technician

Angie joined the team after completing her laser technician certification in 2022. Angie is currently studying a Master in Kinesiology at Memorial University and her passion for understanding human movement gives her the tools to approach every patient’s condition and help them to reach an efficient recovering process.
Angie completed her degree in Physiotherapy in 2020 at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and since then she has been strongly interested in understanding the neurophysiology and neuropsychology of human movement.
She did a research internship at The Royal Mental Health Hospital in Ottawa where she developed her research skills and then moved to St John’s, NL in 2022 to complete her Masters Degree at the Human Neurophysiology Lab at Memorial University.
Angie is a young professional with all the passion for her career and as part of our team, she will commit to helping relieve your pain, and getting you back on track!