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Dietitian Services

Dietitian Services

Monastery Health is pleased to introduce dietitian services to our health care clinic.

Our registered dietitian has  over 10-years experience providing nutrition services to athletes from a wide range of sports, as well as to clients in a clinical and community setting, including nutrition management of chronic conditions such as diabetes (non-insulin dependent), hypertension (high blood pressure), hypercholesteremia (high cholesterol) and overweight/obesity.

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition strategies to support training adaptations and performance
Body composition management (reduce fat mass/increase lean muscle mass)
Nutrition strategies to maximize strength gains/bulking up
Nutrition strategies for making weight (i.e. for weight category sports such as judo and
Nutrition to support recovery from injury
Competition nutrition plans
Advice on supplementation for performance and health

General Nutrition

Weight loss
Vegetarian eating
Iron deficiency
Nutrition management of chronic disease, such pre-diabetes and diabetes (non-insulin dependent), hypertension (high blood pressure), hypercholesteremia (high cholesterol) and overweight/obesity.

Initial assessment (face to face or virtual) – $90 (~60 min)
Includes a discussion of health/performance goals, complete dietary and body composition assessment (body mass/skinfolds, where relevant), nutrition education and advice (incl that related to performance supplementation), along with tailored strategies
to move clients towards achieving their goals.

Follow-up assessment (face to face or virtual) – $55 (~30 min)
To evaluate progress towards the client’s stated goals. Includes re-assessment of body composition (body mass and skinfolds, where relevant), further nutrition education and advice, along with re-evaluation of the athletes tailored nutrition strategies.

Competition race nutrition plan (Face to face or virtual) – $90
Tailored nutrition plans to help athletes perform when it matters most. It includes advice on what to eat and drink in the days leading up to, and day of, competition, as well as advice on strategic use of evidenced based performance supplements.

Body composition analysis ($25). Takes ~ 15-20 minutes
For many sports, it’s important to maximize power to weight ratio to enhance performance. Skinfold assessment is an effective means of assessing the impact of changes in diet and/or training load on body composition $25 (takes ~15 minutes)

Group Presentations (Price TBD).
To both sporting, corporate and community groups. Can be tailored to meet their needs/wants.

For more information or to book an appointment, email info@monasteryhealth.com or call 709-757-3313