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Ismail Rashed, Laser Technician

Ismail Rached Laser Technician St. John's NL

Ismail Rashed received his degree of Physiotherapy from Cairo University, Egypt in 2001, Then Master of infectious disease control from Sodertron University, Sweden 2019. He also has two diplomas in elderly sciences and nutrition services form National Institute of Elderly Sciences, Beni Suef University, Egypt 2021 and Cairo University 2022, Egypt, and recently he has completed the Bioflex Laser Certification course.

His passion of helping people overcome their pain has led him to do many courses and training certificates in manual therapy and pain management.

He has run his own center of physiotherapy for 13 years before arriving here in Canada, and during this period he treated thousands of patients in different fields of physiotherapy.

Ismail also has published a scientific paper titled The Association Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Tuberculosis: Effects of different levels of vitamin D deficiency – A meta-analysis in 2019.

He and his family are residents of Newfoundland and he has the talent and experience to help our clients. In collaboration with our health team, he aims to provide the best professional service in a friendly, warm environment.