63 Patrick Street, St. John's NL
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Natalie McLeod, Nurse Practitioner

When I was in second year of my undergraduate nursing program to become a registered nurse, I learned about nurse practitioners. I discovered how with advanced masters-level university education, nurse practitioners can autonomously assess, diagnose, treat, and monitor acute and chronic illnesses across the lifespan. I thought to myself “this is my dream!”.

After working as a registered nurse in the critical care environment for over 6 years, my desire to become a nurse practitioner was emboldened. I felt that our acute-focused, hospital-based health care system had displaced proactive community-based primary health care responsible for managing episodic and chronic health challenges, and thwarting hospitalization and dreaded long waits in the emergency department. Thus, I took a step closer to my goal of becoming a nurse practitioner and enrolled at McMaster University. Now, with a Master of Science in Nursing and a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner diploma, I can realize my dream.

Although I have come from away, moving from Burlington, Ontario to St. John’s, Newfoundland, I feel privileged to pursue my dream of caring for people, from young to old, and providing high-quality, evidence-based primary health care in a beautiful maritime province. I look forward to being your nurse practitioner!