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Benefits of Foot Massage

benefits of foot massage

Could you rub my feet? Please?

I’m sure at some point in our lives, we’ve asked this or had someone ask us this question. There’s something about having a foot massage that makes us feel relaxed, and sometimes energized.
A major component of all our medical foot care treatments is a moisturizing foot massage after the feet and nails have been treated.
This is the relaxation part that most clients wait impatiently for during their treatment, because regardless of how ticklish or sensitive their feet may be, a foot massage always feels good. Many clients who are new to foot care treatments often do not realize that a foot massage happens, and are pleasantly surprised afterwards!

There are many benefits to a foot massage that nurses consider when providing foot care treatments.

  1. Improve circulation- increases in sedentary lifestyles have led to reduced use of foot and leg muscles which in turn decreases circulation. A foot massage helps stimulate the blood flow and gets the oxygen moving around your body. This can be extremely beneficial for diabetics and people who have Raynaud’s Syndrome or other circulatory
  2. Relieve foot (or other body) pain- A foot care provider who has some experience in reflexology can not only make your feet feel great, but can help relieve pain that you may be having elsewhere in your body. Reflexology is an ancient healing practice based on the principle that the reflex points in your feet correspond with certain organs and body systems. Therefore, a foot massage may actually help take away that annoying pain in your hip or shoulder
  3. Improved psychological well being- Certain reflex points on your feet correlate with relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression
  4. Healthier feet- A foot massage helps stimulate muscles in the foot and ankle, lessens stiffness and increases strength and flexibility
  5. Helps to reduce edema/swelling- Stimulation of lymphatic system with light and gentle strokes can significantly help reduce swelling in feet and lower legs by pushing excess fluid out of smaller vessels and out of the body
  6. Overall relaxation, improved sleep, and stress reduction