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About Us

Our Vision in creating Monastery Health is to provide a client centric health care clinic that married all the things we have done to date plus pushing us to fill the gaps as we see them in what our patients needed are with the proper professionals, respecting each discipline and their regulatory bodies to really enhance our offering to our patients both in and out of the clinics.

This multidisciplinary clinic will provide a setting to enhance opportunity for collaboration with more medical professionals to bring better health care services to our patients. As a client of Monastery Health you will also have access to practice and care from our other highly skilled medical professionals including  those at  Riverside Therapeutics and Villa Nova Physiotherapy.

As we bring all these things together we are showing our solid foundation that we have built over the last few years while paving the way to onboard other services/disciplines as gaps in treatment arise.

Monastery Health is a modern adaptive multi disciplinary health care service provider in and around the Metro Area, focusing on your overall health and well being, as a collaborative team.

Our Team

Monastery Health Physiotherapy Clinic
Vani Katna
Health Services Manager
Ismail Rached Laser Technician St. John's NL
Ismail Rashed
Laser Technician
Kathleen Stevens - Registered Nurse
Kathleen Stevens
Registered Nurse
Isabella Watkins
Registered Nurse
Karen Heffernan
Medical Lab Assistant
Stephanie Evely
Alex Lye Physiotherapist
Alex Lye
Registered Physiotherapist
Lauren Humby Physiotherapist St. John's
Lauren Humby
Registered Physiotherapist
Massage Therapist St. John's NL
Brenda Madden
Registered Massage Therapist
Jenna Tilley Massage Therapy St. John's
Jenna Tilley
Registered Massage Therapist