63 Patrick Street, St. John's NL
709 757 3313

Vani Katna, Health Services Manager

Monastery Health Physiotherapy Clinic

With over 12 years of administrative experience in a clinic setting Vani skillfully manages administrative duties and client relations for the therapists at Monastery Health. As an Office Manager she ensures the smooth operation of the clinic’s day to day operations, and manages the front desk staff to work in an efficient manner that benefits the clients. She assists the therapists in their Multi disciplinary approach by ensuring smooth clinic operations on all fronts.

Her excellent interpersonal skills help her interact and communicate with third party individuals as an advocate for our clients. She is committed to working closely with the therapists to make sure clients have a well-rounded experience and receive the care they deserve.

As a wife and mother of two teenagers she is no stranger to multitasking and keeping things organized at work or at home.