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What are Physio Exercises and How Do They Relieve Pain?

I was waiting for my turn at the hairdressers the other day, when I became aware of a conversation in...


Tips for better sleep

We need sleep to recharge and repair our bodies. It is meant to be an automatic function, triggered by the...


When it hurts to move

When it Hurts to Move, and you just want the Pain gone…You have Options! Pain is the main reason why...


Getting the Most out of Laser & the Package of 10

Why include Laser in your treatment Plan? Adding light energy to injured areas jumpstarts healing, and shortens healing times. It...



HST appears with laser and massage, as neither are exempt service from harmonized tax. Physio and acupuncture are exempt Physio:...


Laser Therapy Rental Program

LASER is an acronym that means “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. It is used extensively across all fields...


ALH Physiotherapy Plan of Care/Treatment Plan

During the last few minutes of your initial assessment, your therapist will review your assessment findings and develop with you...


New Sports Initiatives and Health Care Services in St John’s NL

It’s a wonderful Fall Season in St John’s and the nearby Avalon communities! Everyone is moving: Competitive gymnasts in Mount...

What is a foot care nurse and when should you seek out the services of one? 

Foot care nurses are a vital part of our healthcare system in providing quality care and education to clients. A foot care nurse is a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse and will have familiarity with conditions and common concerns of the feet.

benefits of foot massage

Benefits of Foot Massage

Could you rub my feet? Please? I’m sure at some point in our lives, we’ve asked this or had someone...