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What is a foot care nurse and when should you seek out the services of one? 

Foot care nurses are a vital part of our healthcare system in providing quality care and education to clients. A foot care nurse is a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse and will have familiarity with conditions and common concerns of the feet. They will have completed an independent course in foot care which has a theory component focusing on anatomy, physiology, diseases, etc. as well as a practical component where they provide foot care to clients in a supervised setting.

Foot care nurses can practice either independently or with a clinic, and services can be provided in a setting most convenient to the nurse and client. A foot care nurse will complete an initial foot assessment, and ask questions about your health to assist in best determining a plan of care. They will help identify any foot issues, and make recommendations for care. They will care for nails and any calluses, corns, or other concerns that require attention. Most importantly, they will educate the client as they work, so that some components of foot care can be done at home, if the client is able. And if there is a need for more advanced care, they can refer to the appropriate provider.

Most major insurance companies will cover the cost of the services of a foot care nurse, and these services can also be tax deductible.

Using the services of a foot care nurse should not be just for when you have issues or difficulties- proactivity can go a long way in preventing issues from ever starting. In my practice, I see many clients who are diabetics, have arthritis or another reason why they cannot reach their feet, impaired eyesight, poor circulation, are taking blood thinning medication, are having active treatment for cancer, or other health concerns. However, I also have a population of clients who have no health concerns, but understand that their feet are their foundation and will last much longer when they are well cared for.